Booking Camping and Glamping Sites in the UK and Ireland


Camping is one way for you to experience the beauty of nature. Caravaners and campers are just looking for that one place where they will pitch a tent to enjoy breathing fresh air and feel nature’s beauty. There are some people who wish to go camping but are not ready to set up tents. These are the campers who seek indulgence and luxury in their camping experience. Glamping at is exactly what this type of people need.

There are a variety of amazing camping sites both in the UK and Ireland. You can chose between a view from an Eco-lodge, a mountain top yurt or a tree house. From the beautiful sceneries in the UK, to the lovely green countrysides in Ireland, there is always an incredible campsite for you to choose. It does not matter whether you are a first time camper or the seasoned one, nature’s beauty will not discriminate. You can enjoy a variety of camping activities such as kayaking, horse riding, trekking, or cycling.

Although they provide a marvelous experience, camping, glamping are not activities that one can just wake up to. One has to come up with a plan first before booking a campsite either in the UK or Ireland.

The first thing you may need to consider if it is your first time camping is to practice camping in your garden. Prepare a plan to help you pack everything before you head out to the camping site.

Following the proper practice of building a tent, it is important to organize a list of all your camping requirements. Your camping needs are determined by the type of camper you are. You may want to carry bedding, camping beds, lights, cooking equipments, rain gear, a warm fleece, and sunscreen. Your checklist should conform to what you need and it should fit in your car. Learn more about camping at

It is essential to conduct a research about the various camping and caravan sites available in the destination that you have chosen. This is the point where you require to clarify the type of camping you wish to have. Call beforehand for booking. You can also make an online booking, which is offered by many Campsited and glamping sites.

Glamping relieves you the worry of setting up camp. Many glamping sites have been developed today to serve the glampers. Examples of glamping sites in the UK and Ireland include micro-lodges, bell tents, camping pods, and log cabins.

Inquire about camping and glamping in the UK and Ireland from seasonal campers. You can also visit the camp guide websites for UK and Ireland.